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If you have a sweet tooth, you have to meet our Funnel Cake Mamma, Iris Lattimore. She’s been around delicious food since she can remember. First, her father owned a food truck, now both she and her children are each making the world a sweeter place. Their secret family recipe is handed down from generation to generation!

She said goodbye to a 9-5 job as an administrative assistant because she felt she was on a mission. The leap of faith was not easy, leaving behind a cozy stable job is not something everyone could have the courage to do. However, she wanted to bring people joy and delight through decadent desserts. Now you can find Iris popping up at carnivals and fairs all around DC. It’s hard work, but she does it with a smile on her face.

She’ll be happy to cook right in front of you. Hear the crackle of the oil and smell the delicious fluffy funnel cake, sprinkled with sugar and drenched in mouthwatering toppings. Just when you think that’s all, she garnishes it with chocolate chips, strawberry bites or whatever your heart desires. The toughest thing will be selecting the flavors and not going for a second round. 

Iris loves to spoil her guests visiting her truck not only with funnel cakes, but with her deliciously fried Oreos powdered with sugar and drizzled in chocolate. Don’t count the calories, count just the mmmm’s while eating these fried delights.

And wait, did we tell you about the lemonade? You can have the regular one or a deluxe, strawberry version. After a few sips, you will feel refreshed and might even be tempted to have one more bite.

So, what are you waiting for? Look at our calendar and book your next date with incredible Lattimore’s Funnel Cakes. 

Iris Lattimore

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